Rural Health

Rural Health

Rural HealthThe VicOutreach Rural Health program focuses on improving health outcomes for people living in rural and regional Victoria.

The scheme provides financial support for those healthcare professionals providing the outreach services.

The priorities include: maternity, paediatric, eye and mental health and chronic disease management.

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Are you “Asking the Question?”

Accurate data on how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders access healthcare services is an integral way in being able to determine whether their healthcare needs are being met through outreach services. It is also important to ask the question because Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients may wish to see an Aboriginal health worker, Aboriginal liaison officer or wish to access specific Medicare services such as the 714 Aboriginal Health Check.

Only one percent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are currently accessing rural health services provided by VicOutreach. RWAV encourages all VicOutreach service providers to “Ask the Question”, to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders get the care they need, at the right time, with the right supports, without having to travel long distances. There are a number of resources that can help service providers in asking the question. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare produces a resource entitled One simple question could help you Close the Gap. Additionally, the Inner North West Primary Care Partnership has produced the Asking the Question Training Pack, which contains resources and videos. Let’s start “Asking the Question.”

Children thriving in Mildura

Through RWAV’s VicOutreach program Associate Professor Michael Marks provides Paediatric services to the since April 2016.  Assoc Professor Marks is “part of our family now and he loves coming to Mildura – it really has been a great success for the community of Mildura”. Having access to Assoc Professor Marks has been extremely well received in the local community by parents and health professionals alike.       Read more


Service delivery of Rural Health Program 
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VicOutreach – Mandy Barter from Alpine Health shares the impact of RWAV’s support on the local community   via the delivery of much needed specialist services to rural and remote Victoria.