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EOI Participation in the Rural Health Workforce Census Oct 2022

The Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census October 2022 – Expression of Interest (EOI) for participation closes on 23 September

Data drives the biggest decisions facing the world today. It’s no surprise that data holds the key to the future of rural health care in Victoria. For most leaders and practising professionals in rural health care it’s clear that the best pathway to informed decision-making and resolving the challenges facing rural health care in Victoria is through data.

 It’s only through holistically measured, accurate and timely information, that sound decisions can be made about allocating adequate funds, programs and services to effectively support health care in rural Victoria.

 Welcome to the Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census (RHW Census) 2022, planned for October 2022.

What is the Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census?

The Victorian RHW Census is a critical initiative of the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV) that’s designed to enable informed decision-making to improve health care and equity for people living and working in rural Victoria.

Participation in the Victorian RHW Census is vital to the identification of rural and Indigenous health workforce issues. These include access to services, quality and skill requirements for health practitioners and sustainability of the health workforce in the future.

The Victorian RHW Census findings will inform the Health Workforce Needs Assessment, which is a Department of Health requirement. These findings are used to define short- and long-term rural health workforce needs, the upskilling intentions of health practitioners and sustainable solutions to the health workforce in rural and Indigenous communities. The information you provide helps RWAV direct resources to where they are needed most in rural and Indigenous Victorian communities.

This information is also used to inform collaborative efforts with RWAV partners, stakeholders and healthcare organisations within the Victorian health workforce planning sector.

Why do we need the Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census?

We need the RHW Census because it’s about better short-term and long-team healthcare access for everyone living in country Victoria and all Indigenous communities in Victoria.

It’s also fair. The wellbeing of people living in rural Victoria is interwoven with everyone else through food, leisure and the export economy, contributing to happy healthy people.

It is no secret that the state of rural health care in Victoria is fraught with issues and challenges. These include a shortage of GPs, nurses and allied health professionals, higher incidences of chronic disease and an uneven distribution of health services. Professionals involved in rural health care know that to make a truly meaningful impact on the future of health care in rural Victoria, we need a holistic view of the state of the health workforce throughout Victoria.

Achieving this goal is only possible with up-to-date data gained through the Victorian RHW Census. This is our most accurate source of information about the entire health workforce in rural and Indigenous Victoria.

We ask all health professionals who work in Victorian rural or Indigenous communities, including general practitioners, allied health professionals and assistants, nurses, non-GP specialists and health workers to participate in the Victorian RHW Census and help us build a healthy Victoria of the future! All you have to do is fill out the following EOI.

RWAV will contact various Victorian rural community groups and rural health organisations to have their say in the RHW Census at a community/organisation level. If your community or organisation would like to be involved, please email data@rwav.com.au by the first week of September 2022.

The first important step for health professionals is to register for the EOI and participate in the Victorian RHW Census 2022.

Please check your eligibility and share this page with your colleagues.

EOI Form

Please fill out the EOI form below and share this page URL (ie. www.rwav.com.au/rhwcensus) with your peers. 

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