Workforce Data

Workforce Data

RWAV’s Strategy and Health Workforce Planning Team is responsible for all aspects of the organisation’s data management, research and program evaluation. We collect a wide range of data on the health workforce and program delivery throughout regional and rural Victoria.


Each year we undertake two major research projects:

The Regional Victoria Health Workforce Survey
A census of all practices in rural and regional Victoria with regular GP services.

The Regional Victoria GP Workforce Survey

A survey of all GPs in rural regional Victoria collecting workforce data such as hours worked and procedural skills practiced.

The data collected through these programs are used by RWAV to inform workforce planning, program monitoring and policy development.

RWAV Health Workforce Snapshots

Each year RWAV produces a health workforce snapshot based on the results of the Regional Victoria Health Workforce Survey and Regional Victoria GP Workforce Survey. See our recent snapshots below.

2019 Snapshot

2018 Snapshot

Health Workforce Needs Assessment

Each year RWAV undertakes the Health Workforce Needs Assessment for the Rural Health Workforce Activity Program. This needs assessment uses health workforce data to determine areas of workforce and skills shortages. It guides RWAV’s business activity for the next financial year in order to best meet the needs of rural Victorian communities.

RWAV uses this data to assist with the allocation of workplace placements and support grants, training and upskilling. This planning helps to reduce workforce maldistribution and guide health practitioners to where they are most needed across rural Victoria.

RWAV also undertakes service planning for the Outreach programs. The planning takes into account workforce distribution, health needs, cycle of care and demographic data to determine areas for Outreach prioritisation. Once areas are determined, we work with communities to ascertain the exact level of need and where practitioners can be hosted to meet that need.

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