Online Application for VicOutreach Funding

Online Application for VicOutreach Funding

The outreach programs are funded by the Federal Government and administered by Rural Workforce Agency Victoria(RWAV). This Application Form is presented to an advisory forum for endorsement before being submitted to Department of Health for approval.

The Advisory Forum consists of representatives from the Department of Health, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, RWAV, Primary Health Networks, Optometry and various health professionals broadly representing specialists, GPs, allied health and nursing.

Please consider the intended audience when completing this form, ensuring that the form is complete, specific and does not assume local knowledge of the community the services are intended for.

• General population figures

• Statistics from organisation about prevalence of disease – could include qualitative evidence from the local organisation.

• Description of barriers to access e.g. cost, cultural appropriateness of existing services, distance to existing services, waiting times – include a description of the nearest alternative service.

• Linkages with other existing services in the organisation/region

• When needed, include citation from relevant research to demonstrate the links between the proposed service and the targeted health priority.

Please be aware that this application is unable to be saved once commenced. Please ensure you have all information on hand to complete your application. If you require assistance please contact RWAV on (03) 93497800 or email