Complaint Policy

Complaint Policy


The purpose and intent of this policy is to ensure complaints are managed in an environment that is respectful of the complaint and focused on delivering a prompt and fair resolution to the matter.


The scope of this policy is limited to complaints about the processes used to arrive at an outcome or the behaviour of those involved in deciding the outcome.

1.   Who can complain?
The policy applies to participants in RWAV programs

2.   Nature of complaints
2.1 Complaints considered under this policy include:
a. the processes used by RWAV,
b. the performance or behaviour of a member of RWAV staff or management.
2.2 Complaints about the following will not be considered:
a. the outcome of a decision,
b. eligibility requirements,
c. determinations or recommendations made in connection with a decision,
d. matters outside the scope of this policy.

3. Making a complaint
Complaints must be made:
a. in a timely manner,
b. in writing to the appropriate Team Leader (can be e-mail).

4. CEO/GMPD Discretion
a. The CEO/GMPD has the discretion to allow a complaint to be made under this policy on an issue which is related to, but outside the scope of this policy if the CEO/GMPD concludes that it is in the best interests of those concerned to have the complaint considered and where possible, resolved.
b. The CEO/GMPD is under no obligation to provide reasons for disallowing a complaint to be considered under this clause.

5. Other Redress
The scope of this policy does not reduce the right to seek other legal or administrative redress or remedy outside the operation of this policy.

6. Timeframe for addressing complaints
6.1 RWAV will acknowledge receipt of a complaint in five (5) business days
6.2 RWAV will endeavour to investigate and finalise complaints within 30 business days of receiving a complaint.

7. Complaints process
The process for making a complaint and relevant guidelines are located in the RWAV procedures manual and on the RWAV website.

8. Dissatisfied complainants
Complainants who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint will have 30 business days (from the date of the complaint response notice) to contact the GMPD to raise their ongoing concerns and outline the reasons why they feel the response to their complaint is not satisfactory.

9. Final decision process
9.1 If the complainant is still dissatisfied, the complainant may ask the GMPD to refer the outcome to the CEO who will review the complainant’s reasons for their dissatisfaction and make a final decision as to the outcome of the complaint.
9.2 The final decision process occurs in the absence of the complainant and is limited to a review of the complainant’s reasons for dissatisfaction without any obligation on the CEO to ask for more information or make any further enquires.