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Call for Nominations

2017 RWAV Director Nominations


As a result of a recent Constitutional change the composition of the Board has transitioned to skills and experience based directors.

RWAV is seeking six (6) directors to enhance the reconstituted board in pursuit of the vision to improve health for all in rural, regional and Aboriginal communities.

The directors will be motivated by the challenges and responsibilities of the role and committed to actively contributing to positive impacts while upholding the highest governance standards at all times.

Applicants will be considered on the following criteria:


  • An understanding of and adherence to best practice governance standards;
  • The ability to form a working relationship with the Board members and CEO;

Targeted skills and experience:

  • Experience in primary health care in a rural environment for example, general practice, nursing, allied health pharmacy or aged care;
  • Experience and knowledge in recruitment, preferably with a commercial focus.
  • Experience with advocacy in the public policy arena;
  • Start-up/business development skills and experience;
  • Knowledge of quality management systems/frameworks, preferably with experience in implementation;
  • IT and digital disruption;
  • Understanding of government funding processes;
  • Legal expertise;
  • Extensive social media experience;

Interested Applicants will be required to complete an Application Form and provide a current CV.

RWAV Board Director Application Form

Role Description for RWAV Board Director

RWAV Constitution

Applications should be submitted by Friday 13 October 2017 to

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